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Market Feasibility

We customize the level of analysis to your needs, from a quick first look to a thorough research report that includes our proprietary demand models by lifestage and risk indices.

Consumer Research

Our revealing consumer research programs, including surveys and focus groups, build the confidence needed to design the right community with the appropriate amenities and segmentation.

Valuations and Cash Flows

Our proprietary valuation models and direct experience in managing cash flow and profitability expectations allow us to perform portfolio valuations on a project and portfolio level.

Community Segmentation

Based on years of research and refinement, our unique approach to lot and home product segmentation enables our clients to maximize their investment–often capturing millions of unrecognized dollars. Consumer research directly supports focused product development and sales efforts.

Demand Model by Life Stage and Price Point

Our proprietary model reconciles home buyer household growth with sales velocity. This tool offers great insight into the household composition (young couples, empty nesters, etc.) of home buyers by home price range and what the future growth will be, so you can build accordingly. We can run the model by MSA or for a particular area.

Performance Improvement

We apply our experience and market knowledge to help you identify ways to improve a project in order to make more money or reduce risk. These are some of the topics we can examine in depth:

  • Product positioning
  • Phase-by-phase pricing
  • Model merchandising
  • Asset monitoring for joint ventures
  • Thorough project improvement
  • Ongoing customized portfolio review


Expert Witness

Our specialists are available to provide expertise to support legal matters. Our expertise can be applied to opinions of pricing, value, processes, procedures and market conditions. Check

Loan Workouts/Restructuring

We make independent recommendations to maximize recovery by applying our market research, cash flow analysis, and valuation expertise. Our well-supported, unbiased analysis helps everyone agree on a plan.

Urban Residential and Mixed Use / Redevelopment

We provide detailed assistance with the planning for and implementation of urban residential and mixed-use development. Our services include:

  • Integrating sustainability into the mainstream urban development
  • Coordination with the redevelopment team
  • Competitive analysis (case studies and creative product planning)
  • Strategic planning for proposed development.







To enable the profitable development of the best places to live in the world through great research.



To be the most trusted and respected US housing market analysts and consultants.



To help executives make informed housing industry investment decisions.


Core Values

Our team delivers:

  • Solutions our clients and coworkers consider to be the most valued, timely, unbiased, clear and honest in the industry, and
  • A professional work environment that pays fairly, provides individualized opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and the opportunity to work with PALS:
    • Passionate: Curious people who educate, challenge and drive themselves and others hard to continuously improve, innovate and share knowledge
    • Articulate: Great listeners who communicate carefully, clearly, concisely, respectfully and inspirationally
    • Likeable: Team-oriented people who earn the trust and respect of others by being very approachable, flexible, responsive, and trusted to do quality work on time
    • Smart: Insightful people who can quickly convert complexity into concise, logical, forward-thinking conclusions and solutions


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